CSO Aditya, Georgia, USA

For me this program has always been what I am most proud to share with others. This program has cultivated my passion for STEM and showed me that it is not just about how much you know or how skilled you are, but about how one can effectively share that passion with others. Through the Chief Science Officer Program I have found people who share the same passion as me as well as found mentors who believe that no matter how ambitious my dreams are I can reach them. 

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for the second time for the international summit. Having been able to participate in the first international summit I had the mindset that this would be an experience similar to last year and that there would be much fewer surprises than there were last year. However, that was simply not the case. Rather,  I was amazed once again at the opportunity that I was given and truly blown away once again. I would never have thought I would have been able to gain a new perspective on what it means to a Chief Science Officer. I was reminded of the responsibility of the role that I hold and despite my age I am capable of having an impact.


I think that this international summit can be characterized by one word: eventful. Last year’s summit was much more packed than this year’s, but I believe that this year was much more eventful. So what do I mean by that…. This year I had the opportunity to hear from some of the most respected and revered people in their respective fields but I also had the opportunity to make new friends which I could now consider to be a second family. Being able to meet like minded peers who share the same passion for sharing STEM in their communities brought us together in a way which I have never been able to relate in the past. 

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