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questions about the Chief Science Officers program

Students in 6th through 12th grade are elected to serve as Chief Science Officers for their site.

Generally, students who enjoy or advocate for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – but also student leaders hoping to make a difference in their community!

A CSO participates in a Leadership Training Institute and Cabinet Meetings focused on creating a global network of diverse STEM leaders. They work to positively impact the STEM culture within their community. During the year, CSOs create an Action Plan and collaborate with peers, mentors, and professionals to complete their project.

Chief Science Officers are required to complete Action Plans at their campus and in their communities to advocate for STEM awareness. CSOs can progress through requirements to level up in the program to advance their leadership skills and collaborate with community partners to create opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Mentors are STEM industry professionals and support in a variety of ways during the project planning at all levels.

CSOs are members of an online learning community and collaborate through discussions, blogs, and assignments. Chief Science Officers also attend annual Leadership Training Institutes, Cabinet Meetings, STEM events, and meetups in the community. Mentors work with groups of students to coordinate projects and support the implementation of Action Plans. The CSO International Team plans opportunities for students to interact with one another on and offline!

Dr. Jeremy Babendure created the CSO program to amplify student voice and create a global network of diverse STEM leaders by placing them in conversations regarding current innovations. The program is designed to foster communication and collaboration with all stakeholders to enrich the STEM culture for all students. Partnerships with business and industry help to build strong communities and increase career awareness.

The Chief Science Officers Program has amazing corporate, business, and community support across the country. Our generous sponsors of the International CSO Program include:
Platinum Level: onsemi and AVNET
Silver Level: GM Foundation and NASEF

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Thank you to the generous sponsors of the International Chief Science Officers Program. Your support makes the training of the next generation of global STEM leaders possible!

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