2019 CSO International Summit

CSO Aditya, Georgia, USA For me this program has always been what I am most proud to share with others. This program has cultivated my passion for STEM and showed me that it is not just about how much you know or how skilled you are, but about how one can effectively share that passion […]

LTI Experience Blog – CSO Samyukta

I come from a background where education is almost always at the forefront, and beyond education, I was raised to feel an ethical obligation to empower and uplift my community using my privilege and potential, and I believe that the Chief Science Officers program has provided me with the perfect environment to do just that. […]

What You Should Know About Chandrayaan

Space. The final frontier has attracted the attention of humans since the dawn of civilization, fueled by constant curiosity and hunger for knowledge, and all over the world, we are making giant strides towards our home in the stars.    One such advancement is Chandrayaans 1 and 2. These spacecraft were designed by the Indian […]