Empowering students in STEM

Advocates for Student Voice and Innovation in
their communities

Chief Science Officers Catalyze a Culture of Innovation!

CSOs are collaborative voices of change on their campuses and in their communities

Each Chief Science Officer is required to complete an Action Plan to amplify student voice by bringing their peers and community leaders together to ignite new opportunities in STEM and innovation. Through digital support systems and opportunities, CSOs encourage each other to find success. Each CSO Site is responsible for providing support and the advisors that meet regularly with the Chief Science Officers to take action. During the year, CSOs participate in key training events and experiences to increase their leadership skills. Many CSOs are paired with an industry mentor to coach them through project management strategies and communication suggestions to heighten awareness of STEM in their area.

The CSOs create change and
become stronger leaders through

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Meet the CSOs

CSOs are students in grades 6-12 who are elected by their peers to serve
as liaison for STEM and innovation in their schools and communities.

CSOs Make It Happen

The CSO program was created because student voice and ideas in leadership matter – in fact, they can be world changing.

While thoughts and words are powerful, the CSO program encourages students to use them as a catalyst for action. Through the years, CSOs have spearheaded hundreds of Action Plans integrating STEM into the lives of thousands of people around the world.

The efforts of our CSOs and the results they achieve not only speak for themselves; they are the reason the program’s motto is: Don’t just hope it happens- MAKE it happen!

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