“Hello my name is Myah, elected chief science officer representing Luther Burbank. Today I began my journey at Palo Alto and I learned about the stem science technology engineering and math program. I was overjoyed and I met new kids from other schools and Texas CSO directors and leaders.

In addition, as a CSO stem ambassador, my action plan includes field trips to better educate my high school piers who aren’t ready or directed towards a job field to explore stem jobs in our area. Now I can go home to my parents and better educate them too. I learned so much and can’t wait to learn more tomorrow!

In the middle of the day after the presentations before lunch I was nervous working with different people. I was given the goal to make a tower with spaghetti noodles and tape with four other people and we did a fantastic job, and out tower was the highest not connected to a tree. I was surprised after that because middle schoolers younger than me showed people experiments that grasped my attention. That was my cso experience.”

-Written by CSO Myah from San Antonio, Texas


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