STEAM Hobbies: Turning Fun Into Future Careers!

My name is Sarah, Chief Science Officer (CSO) from Tucson, AZ. This is my fourth year in the program, and I am a member of the International Leadership Council. As a CSO, I have had many opportunities to travel across the state and country, including trainings and conferences. While these responsibilities keep me quite busy, […]

CSOs on AIRR Drone Race Competition in Austin, TX

Texas CSO Araceli & Ian We went to the AIRR Drone Race Competition in Austin, Texas on December 6, 2019. Lockheed Martin and the Drone Racing League were wonderful hosts of an exciting VIP experience just for us Texas Chief Science Officers. We were able to get personal, interactive experiences with the drones, pilots and […]

New Award Recognizes FUTURE Young Women STEM Leaders

Ava Nelson, a student at Midland Dow High School has been recognized as a future leader in STEM. Created in October 2019 by STEM Learning EcosystemsSM Community of Practice and TIES, Girls Living STEM honors girls who participate in STEM programs, have a passion for STEM and encourage others to further engage. Nominations were accepted […]

CSO Myah in Texas!

“Hello my name is Myah, elected chief science officer representing Luther Burbank. Today I began my journey at Palo Alto and I learned about the stem science technology engineering and math program. I was overjoyed and I met new kids from other schools and Texas CSO directors and leaders. In addition, as a CSO stem […]

Building a STEM Identity through the Chief Science Officer Program

Editor’s Note: High school students Lexis Ratto and Kelly O’Kane were instrumental in bringing the international Chief Science Officer (CSO) program to San Antonio through the Alamo STEM Ecosystem. IDRA now manages the program in Texas as it grows across the state. Research says many students don’t stay in STEM because they don’t identify with STEM degrees and […]

Spring-Ford CSO Reflection

At the Leadership Training Institute, at the beginning of our journey, we were asked what it means to be a Chief Science Officer. It’s a title that means improvement in our school, in our community, and in our futures. It means that we have the opportunity to lessen the gap between people who want things […]

What You Should Know About Chandrayaan

Space. The final frontier has attracted the attention of humans since the dawn of civilization, fueled by constant curiosity and hunger for knowledge, and all over the world, we are making giant strides towards our home in the stars.    One such advancement is Chandrayaans 1 and 2. These spacecraft were designed by the Indian […]

LTI Experience Blog – CSO Blake & Kyle

CSO Blake – “I wanted to become a CSO because I thought that it would be fun and a learning experience. I wanted to do something during the summer so I was not bored. I’m glad I ran for CSO because I had a ton of fun while I was here. I thank all of […]

LTI Experience Blog – CSO Samyukta

I come from a background where education is almost always at the forefront, and beyond education, I was raised to feel an ethical obligation to empower and uplift my community using my privilege and potential, and I believe that the Chief Science Officers program has provided me with the perfect environment to do just that. […]