In new San Antonio science and tech program, students call the shots

Submission By: Alia Malik, education reporter from San Antonio Express-News Something electric blue and mysterious bubbled and foamed in a tub on a cafeteria table Thursday night at Anson Jones Middle School, catching the eyes of more than 100 students and parents as they passed by. Two boys led the activity, explaining that they’d created […]

CSO Experience

“My name is Owen and I am in 6th grade at Brentwood STEAM School of Innovation. I was selected by my teachers to be involved in the Chief Science Officers of San Antonio and represent Brentwood STEAM. I felt proud to represent my school because it is a brand new school and it is the […]

CSO Myah in Texas!

“Hello my name is Myah, elected chief science officer representing Luther Burbank. Today I began my journey at Palo Alto and I learned about the stem science technology engineering and math program. I was overjoyed and I met new kids from other schools and Texas CSO directors and leaders. In addition, as a CSO stem […]

Building a STEM Identity through the Chief Science Officer Program

Editor’s Note: High school students Lexis Ratto and Kelly O’Kane were instrumental in bringing the international Chief Science Officer (CSO) program to San Antonio through the Alamo STEM Ecosystem. IDRA now manages the program in Texas as it grows across the state. Research says many students don’t stay in STEM because they don’t identify with STEM degrees and […]