Space. The final frontier has attracted the attention of humans since the dawn of civilization, fueled by constant curiosity and hunger for knowledge, and all over the world, we are making giant strides towards our home in the stars. 


One such advancement is Chandrayaans 1 and 2. These spacecraft were designed by the Indian Space Research Organization, with all three major components, the lunar orbiter, rover, and lander, being designed in India. The success of this mission and landing would give India the honor of the first soft landing on the southern polar region of the Moon. Chandrayaan would also be the first ISRO moon mission developed entirely with homegrown technology. 


The success of Chandrayaan 2 could provide revolutionary technology to solve the water crisis in Chennai through the usage of Helium 3 to power desalination plants. India’s involvement in space has the immense potential of creating stronger relationships on Earth as well, with the opportunities for global alliances and more robust STEM education within Indian schools. As a CSO whose action plan focuses on the empowerment and education of girls in STEM, I aim to inspire girls through recognition of women like M Vanitha and Rithu Karidhal, who led the Chandrayaan 2 project, showing them that their possibilities as scientists and leaders are truly infinite.

Written by: CSO Samyukta

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