CSO Awrad, Kuwait

Hi I am Chief Science Officer Awrad, the elected CSO of Kuwait. CSO Abdullah and I spent a week in Washington, D.C. and it was nothing but awesome! Each day was full of amazing places and people. Let me tell you about my experience in the US Capitol.

Monday we started the training at the Arizona State University office on I Street. Not only was the view incredible, working with the CSOs on Level 3 concepts was exciting. ASU team members presented on current projects, including autonomous vehicles. We also took a deeper look into our DISC personality assessments. 

Tuesday we went to THE CAPITOL HILL . It was fun going inside senators offices and talking to their staff about the CSO International Program. On Wednesday we went to the Defense Intelligence Agency. It was crazy. I felt like an important person because most people are not allowed in the building! We, as students gained access and it was an honor to go inside. Then, we went to the SPY museum for fun. It is interesting to relate the DIA experience to the displays. 


On Thursday we went to the National Science Foundation. We had a chance to discuss our ideas about STEM with program directors who have supported our program since the beginning. We had a chance to share how thankful Kuwait CSOs are for NSF since they introduced Dr. Layla to Dr. Babendure! 

Our final day, Friday, we went to NASA . It was the best! I have been waiting for NASA since day 1. We even met the Chief Scientist – James Green. That evening, we had a great good bye dinner. Yes, we cried.


To close, I would like to thank Mr. Jake for supporting this awesome program in Kuwait. I would like to thank Ms. Kelly and Jasper for making this trip the best. I would like to thank my fellow CSOs for making this trip feel like a family trip.

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