“My name is Owen and I am in 6th grade at Brentwood STEAM School of Innovation. I was selected by my teachers to be involved in the Chief Science Officers of San Antonio and represent Brentwood STEAM. I felt proud to represent my school because it is a brand new school and it is the first class of STEAM students. I really like science a lot. 

At the first training I learned that it is good to learn how to be a follower to learn how to be a better leader. That means that if you follow a good leader and the way they act you can become just like them and use them as a role model. Something else I learned is that if you are in CSO you can travel to places like New Mexico and Arizona and Washington DC to participate in more STEM activities. Today we also had a chance to meet Dr. Reyna who works with Alamo Texas Ecosystems. He taught us that it’s better to join in on activities to learn more about them. I also got to meet Kelly Okane and he said that it is better to look for a solution than to look for problems. 

I think CSO will impact me because it will help me with my school and being a good and loyal leader. It will also impact my relationship with the school and teachers and facilitators. Sometimes students might think it’s just a boring day at regular school but the activities I’m going to bring will pump them up and make them want to come to school. It would also help us invest in our school and in learning more about jobs we might want.”

-Written by CSO Owen


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