“A big thanks to everyone for a successful STEM Day, fun was had by all! Last Wednesday, we had our first STEM day which was completely organized and run by our STEM council and volunteers students. Looking at last year’s Stem night feedback, STEM Council decided to do STEM Day instead of Stem night as we used to do in the past. They wanted all students to be actively involved. They came up with a variety of activities for students to do all half day long. We are very proud of our STEM council and volunteer students who got to take the role of teachers for the day. SSA truly grows leaders. We are also appreciative of State Farms who donated boxes of strawberries for DNA extraction. We want to thank STEM Council coach Ms. Esra and our volunteer parent Mrs. Berger for their help and leadership.


The STEM Council was blessed to have tax credits and sponsorship to help pay for the event; we’d like to give a shout out to:

Thank you to State Farm here is a message from them:
Mike Severson State Farm is dedicated to the development of educational programs supporting youth in the advancement of  STEM curriculum education. We are honored that Mira Berger, the Chief Science Officer at Sonoran Science Academy has selected our agency to sponsor the DNA extraction experiment held at the STEM Day on March 6th, 2019. We fully support her effort to bring attention to these crucial areas of education in an interactive and engaging way.

Thank you to Nicole, Steve, and Frank at our neighborhood WalMart Market on Ruthrauff for the discounted Strawberries and Eggs!

Thank you to Peter Piper for all the Pizza boxes for the Circuit Lab activity!”


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