Counting on the Future: Stanfield Elementary CSOs Figure in Mathematics 

CSOs practice professional handshakes at a Leadership Training Institute

Stanfield Elementary, nestled in a rural community surrounded by agricultural fields, faces its share of accessibility challenges, but it boasts some of the most engaged and passionate Chief Science Officers (CSOs) in the Arizona CSO program. One of the shining stars of Stanfield Elementary’s CSO team is Jacob, a sixth grader whose enthusiasm for mathematics […]

Chief Science Officers in the Great Lakes Bay Region Take the Lead

By CSO Christy C. –  Michigan  The youth in the Great Lakes Bay Region (GLBR) don’t just wait around hoping someone comes along to put on STEM-focused events and impact their community in unique, innovative ways; instead, they’re taking matters into their own hands in the most positive ways possible. The Chief Science Officers (CSO) […]

New Award Recognizes FUTURE Young Women STEM Leaders

Ava Nelson, a student at Midland Dow High School has been recognized as a future leader in STEM. Created in October 2019 by STEM Learning EcosystemsSM Community of Practice and TIES, Girls Living STEM honors girls who participate in STEM programs, have a passion for STEM and encourage others to further engage. Nominations were accepted […]

Chief Science Officers Start a STEAM Lunch Club in Oregon

Hailey and Leah are the Chief Science Officers from Wy’East Middle School in Odell, Oregon and this year, they started a STEAM lunch club for fellow students and it was a success. In their own words, the STEAM lunch club has been a great success for their school and classmates: “For our action plan this […]

Eastern Oregon CSO Spring Summit

Chief Science Officers from three STEM Hubs across Eastern Oregon met in Boardman for the CSO Spring Summit! During the event, CSOs from Frontier, Greater Oregon and Colombia Gorge regions had the opportunity to work collaboratively and discuss what they hope to implement in the upcoming year. Each school had the opportunity to share their […]

STEM Day was a Huge Success

“A big thanks to everyone for a successful STEM Day, fun was had by all! Last Wednesday, we had our first STEM day which was completely organized and run by our STEM council and volunteers students. Looking at last year’s Stem night feedback, STEM Council decided to do STEM Day instead of Stem night as […]

CSOs in Cochise County

Viasat employees are impacting our community and schools through opportunities in STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Viasat offers students interactions with the same engineers who are solving some of the world’s toughest communications problems.   Viasat’s Omar Alam teaches youth about RF engineering, and how our satellites work to deliver internet to places […]

2019 USA National Counting Bee

The Counting Bee™ was created by Scott Flansburg to help students improve their basic arithmetic skills and promote numeracy. The Counting Bee™ is an annual, fast-paced, and exciting STEM competition in which contestants are asked to calculate a broad selection of skip counting patterns with a varying degree of difficulty. The 2019 Counting Bee is […]