AZ CSO Jacob

Stanfield Elementary, nestled in a rural community surrounded by agricultural fields, faces its share of accessibility challenges, but it boasts some of the most engaged and passionate Chief Science Officers (CSOs) in the Arizona CSO program.

One of the shining stars of Stanfield Elementary’s CSO team is Jacob, a sixth grader whose enthusiasm for mathematics is contagious. For him, math plays a crucial role in shaping his and his fellow students’ future.

“Math helps us understand patterns, make predictions, and solve complex problems. From technology to finance, math is the foundation of many fields,” Jacob explains. He believes that embracing math opens doors to exciting possibilities and empowers individuals to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world. He sees math as a puzzle that always has a solution— a way to challenge minds and foster critical thinking.

Jacob also points out that math is everywhere in daily life, from calculating expenses to analyzing data, and he envisions it leading to coveted careers in engineering, finance, technology, and beyond. “It’s like having a superpower that allows you to solve complex problems and make a real impact in the world,” he emphasizes.

AZ CSO Brenda

Brenda, a seventh grade CSO at Stanfield Elementary, echoes Jacob’s sentiments on the importance of math. She has noticed it instills logical thinking and orderly reasoning, enhancing problem-solving skills. Brenda believes that mathematical knowledge is essential in all professions and daily life. She confidently asserts, “I know that in the future, mathematics will help me in any profession I want to dedicate myself to.”

Ashton Grove, the AZ CSO Program Coordinator, expresses his gratitude for having Stanfield Elementary as part of the program. “I am excited to see the incredible things these middle school students will do for STEM in the future!” he shares. He is also grateful to CSO Advisor Rebecca Rivera for nurturing student interest in STEM and making Stanfield Elementary a valued part of the Chief Science Officers community in Arizona.

Stanfield Elementary’s CSOs are not just embracing STEM—they are embodying the spirit of curiosity, problem-solving, and passion for learning that will undoubtedly shape their futures. They are proving themselves to be not just a school, but a hub of aspiring mathematicians ready to make a lasting impact on the world.