As the world grapples with the growing challenges of climate change, Chief Science Officers (CSOs) are emerging as youthful beacons of hope, leading initiatives that inspire change. CSO Daylia was invited to create a post on Climate Action for the 2023 American Geophysical Union Conference. She teamed up with other CSOs from around the world to create a research poster highlighting CSO Climate Action Plans. The CSO Climate Action Focus committee will present their findings in a virtual poster session January 2024.

In this interview, we chat with members of the CSO Climate Action Focus Committee who are passionately advocating for climate action and are a driving force behind a project aimed at raising awareness about energy efficiency.

The climate-related action plans were separated into eight categories

Passion Ignited: The Climate Focus Committee’s Mission

At the heart of these climate centered CSO Action Plans is the fervent belief that climate change is the defining challenge of this and the coming generations. As a member of the Climate Focus Committee, CSO Daylia from Georgia explains, “Our members are all very passionate about climate action and combating climate change. We believe that it is one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed by everyone, especially youth. We are passionate about climate action and hope to spread that passion to other youth as well.”

When the Stakes are too High to Ignore

As for why this project is so personal for Daylia and her cohorts, she emphasizes that this is an issue that isn’t going to resolve itself.

“I hope to highlight the work done by other Chief Science Officers in helping fight against climate change,” Daylia says. “As we start to feel its increasing and daunting effects, it becomes even more important that we, as a society, come together and contribute to the climate cause.”

CSO Daylia recycling

A Beacon for Climate Action

Through the Global CSOs for Energy Efficiency Surveys and Awareness Worldwide virtual poster, the Climate Focus Committee seeks to broaden the reach of their audience and get even more youth invested in the cause.

The impressive poster is more than just a visual prop. As CSO Sophia from Orange County, California adds from her perspective:

“The purpose of this poster is to acknowledge the efforts of CSOs around the world that have made strides in reversing the consequences of climate change in their communities, as well as inform the general public about energy conservation measures.

We hope that through this [effort], we may empower others of all ages and backgrounds to take action and actively contribute to this global issue that will shape our future.”

In addition to providing background on the CSO Student Climate Action Plans, the poster details the Energy Efficiency Surveys the Committee is working on with Mobile Climate Science Labs to identify and eliminate incandescent lights. It also delves into how they plan to expand this work via global satellites, as well as additional projects underway by the CSOs for the World Committee.

Teamwork in the Face of New Frontiers

Every project carries with it the potential of obstacles, and for the Climate Focus Committee, it was about navigating uncharted waters.

“I think the biggest challenge of putting the poster together was figuring out what everybody had to do and dividing up tasks,” recalls a participating CSO from Germany. “This was a new thing for us all, and we had many questions starting out.”

Fortunately for everyone involved, CSOs undergo leadership training that prepares them for such situations.

“All of the CSOs were extremely enthusiastic and did their assigned jobs exceptionally well. Teamwork is what helped us keep things moving and achieve the goal,” the Germany-based Committee member shares.

CSOs strategizing sustainable food sourcing for their community

Illuminating Discoveries in Energy Efficiency

As they delved into the world of energy efficiency, the Committee made some surprising discoveries. “I learned that LED lights use around 75% less energy and are able to last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, making them significantly more energy efficient,” Daylia observes.

“I also learned that there are about 1.5 billion incandescent bulbs, which waste around 90% of their energy as heat, so the US would be able to save a lot of energy and money from switching to LEDs.”

Students Inspiring Students to Stand Together

Reflecting on inspirations in the field of climate conservation, Daylia easily directs the spotlight to a well-known Swedish activist who was a teen herself when she began her climate protests in earnest.

“I am most inspired by Greta Thunberg, who was able to act on the climate cause by starting a school strike movement. As she continues to stand up for the planet and speak up for students, I, along with so many other students around the world, have been deeply inspired by her courage.”

Small Changes, Big Impact

The main idea the Climate Focus Committee hopes people take away from their work and their virtual poster is a simple yet powerful message: “I want people to know that you can positively impact the planet by making small changes, such as switching to energy-efficient light bulbs,” says CSO Aldo from Guanajuato, Mexico.

It turns out, we can have a bright future and brightly lit rooms at the same time; it just takes the desire to make a difference and the effort to turn ideas into actions.

To access the Climate Focus Committee’s virtual poster, visit:

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