Now entering our 7th season (including two with COVID restrictions), we have significantly grown and refined program training, support structures and backend systems.

Some examples include:  

–          Regional cabinets and cabinet coordinators to more effectively support students locally;

–          Progression opportunities through 4 training levels and leadership councils;

–          Empowerment of veteran CSOs to lead training experiences;

–          Optimized use of G-Suite to track student growth;

–          Regular programming to connect students to the global community of Chief Science Officers;

–          Ability to run training and support sessions virtually;

–          Hundreds of additional examples of CSO action plans, many in an virtual setting;

–          Increased number of business, community and government organizations who interface with Chief Science Officers.

Let’s get connected!

For reference, note the Arizona highlight from the 19/20 CSO report and a few quotes from the 20/21 cohort.

With all this experience and connections at our fingertips, we are passionate that the schools that helped us make the Chief Science Officer program what it is today have the opportunity to experience it in 2021-22! Sign up today. 

–          CSO Sandon: “The CSO program has turned me into the person that I’ve always wanted to be. When I entered this program as a 7th grader, I was shy, introverted, had no purpose, and was not confident in myself or my capabilities at all. Now, networking is second nature. My amazing role models, mentors, and friends in this program have helped me reach this point, and I could not be more grateful.”

–          CSO Nikhil: “The CSO program highlights the importance of student voice. By providing opportunities to connect with peers and resources, I can make the change that I hope to see in my community. Currently, I am helping pioneer the CSO EE (Equity for Everyone) committee and have been able to provide Chromebooks to my friends that need them!”

–          CSO Lauren: “Six years ago, my teacher recommended me for the CSO Program. The program opened the world of STEM to me. Previously, I had never seen people that I identify with represented in STEM fields. Not only are the mentors from all walks of life, but my peers are as well. I went from feeling that my skin color and gender were a hindrance to me, to understanding that they have shaped who I am today. I’m so grateful for the people I have met, the memories made, and the change created together.”

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