Fifth Grader Uses His STEM Skills to Raise Money for COVID-19 Help

Iraj is a fifth grader who is not afraid to tackle a big problem and do his part to solve it. He was concerned with the way that COVID-19 was affecting the world, and he wanted to raise money to help.

Iraj came up with a wonderful idea to use his STEM skills to become a “COVID Warrior,” supporting a non-profit organization called Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care. SRLC has launched many initiatives around the world (including the US and India), helping those who have lost jobs, health care workers, migrant workers, daily wagers, stranded animals and anyone affected by the crisis.

Iraj set a goal of raising at least $1,000. As a youngster, it could be intimidating to raise a significant amount of money, but that didn’t slow Iraj down. He had learned how to use iMovie to make awesome videos, spending his free time to create meaningful short video clips to share with extended family.

As a compassionate person and a self-starter, Iraj chose not to spend too much time on movies and screen time for himself in this COVID crisis; rather he was always thinking how he could be of help to others. He realized that he has a skill that he could put to work: video production!

He decided to conduct an iMovie class, and he started teaching free online workshops to help people learn how to use iMovie to make cool videos. He invited family, friends, and their contacts to attend the classes. He shares his skills with the software program, and at the end, he makes them aware of the great work of SRLC and asks them to support the cause. So far, more than $1,000 has been donated!

What a fantastic accomplishment for a young man. Iraj invites you to join him as he raises funds for this noble cause. “With your one simple act of kindness, you can touch thousands of lives who need your love now more than ever. Your generosity will have a great impact,” he said. “While it may not change the whole world, it surely will change someone’s whole world, and as a part of a global family, such an impact goes a long way.”

Prisha is Iraj’s sister, and as a Chief Science Officer, she lives according to our motto, “Don’t just hope it happens, make it happen!” Iraj is doing the same thing with great success! We can’t wait for him to get just a bit older and become a CSO himself. He will be able to join students around the world who are putting their great ideas into action for the benefit of their peers, communities, and the world.

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