CSO Austin – Pennsylvania USA

Zoom in On Science is the Chief Science Officers’ way of staying connected and educated during the universal COVID-19 quarantine. We have the opportunity to speak to STEM professionals from a multitude of different fields, learn about their professions and careers, and also directly ask them questions!  

On June 3, 2020, we spoke to Mrs. Susan Lostetter, who is a Medical Science Liaison for Novartis Pharmaceutical. She also performs corporate and clinical research studies. As a medical science liaison, she communicates with leading physicians, researchers, and clinicians. She ensures that medical products are used effectively and provides input and advice on treatment advances and relevant scientific data. She also has a clear understanding of the clinical process and FDA approval process.  

Personally, Susan loves the desert and cacti, and she has recently run a marathon in support of cancer funding! 

Others on the call enjoyed learning about Susan’s profession and were interested in hearing what being a Medical Science Liaison entails.  Personally, I have never heard of such a position before, so I was able to learn something new and be exposed to a new field that was previously unknown!  

Zoom in On Science is a wonderful opportunity to learn about new fields, careers, and professionals, share the experience with students from around the world, interact with STEM professionals, and have a fun time doing so!  I always attempt to sneak some humor into the discussion in some way 🙂  

Again, thank you to Mrs. Susan Lostetter for your time and furthering our knowledge by way of Zoom in On Science!

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