Zoom in on Science – Eric Miller ( Co-founder of PADT)

CSO Sarah; Alpharetta, Georgia

Zoom in on Science is a program created by the Chief Science Officers. We organize Zoom calls with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) professionals to learn more about their work and lives. It helps us understand more about different fields of science so we can decide our own future pathways.

Eric Miller is the Co-founder of PADT, a company that mainly specializes in 3d printing. I loved learning more about 3d printing and how PADT is making safety masks for hospitals. His work in engineering was fascinating for all the CSO’s to learn about, and he gave everyone excellent advice about how we can possibly do a similar career.

When we first met Eric he logged in to the call with a smile on his face, and he was ready to teach us. The way he talked about everything was super interesting, and he kept everyone engaged.

Thanks to his call I learned that I may be interested in pursuing a career in engineering and 3d printing, because I learned how interesting and diverse the field is!

I love participating in these calls. Chief Science Officers, I recommend that you join us when a theme piques your interest, because you learn things that you would never know if you don’t talk with a professional in that area. (This program is open to CSOs; learn more about joining the program here.)

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