Zoom in on Science – Charles Rolsky (Marine Biologist)

CSO Danya; Sonora, Mexico

Zoom in on Science is a program created by the Chief Science Officers. We organize Zoom calls with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) professionals to learn more about their work and lives. It helps us understand more about different fields of science so we can decide our own future pathways.

Charles Rolsky is a marine biologist and he focuses on whale poop (as a way to find out what they’re eating and what’s happening in the ocean). I loved learning about the regulations that are placed on ocean researchers to not disturb the wildlife when they are working in the water. This proves to be difficult when you are trying to collect whale poop but have to stay 200 meters away since the boat’s propellers cause so much noise. 

When we first met Charles he logged in to the call in a shark costume! He was very funny but also informative. Another thing I loved from talking to him was finding out that they have two labs: a Labrador that sniffed out poop in the ocean (and is comedically afraid of water) and an actual research lab.

Thanks to his call I learned that the ocean can be scary; you are probably surrounded by thousands of marine creatures when there is not even one fish in sight!

I love participating in these calls. Chief Science Officers, I recommend that you join us when a theme piques your interest, because you learn things that you would never know if you don’t talk with a professional in that area. (This program is open to CSOs; learn more about joining the program here.)

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