Zoom in on Science – Deia Scholsberg (Director of the Story of Plastic)

CSO Sarah; Alpharetta, Georgia,USA

Zoom in on Science is a program created by the Chief Science Officers. We organize Zoom calls with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) professionals to learn more about their work and lives. It helps us understand more about different fields of science so we can decide our own future pathways.

Deia Schlosberg is a producer and director of various documentaries including her latest documentary The Story of Plastic. Through watching this movie her explanations, I learned more about how terribly plastic is affecting Earth. Learning more about waste and plastic on our Earth made me realize why it is important to live a more sustainable lifestyle if we want to protect the Earth, but it is hard to keep the Earth waste-free since plastic is so ingrained in our society. I am very interested in the film world and movie production, so it was so interesting for me to learn more about the process of creating a documentary, and to get a bit of a backstage pass.

Deia was such a pleasure to listen to. She was very engaging and gave great answers to all of our questions.

Thanks to her call I learned that I need to learn to be more sustainable and take more care of this planet we call our home. I also learned so much more about a field that heavily interests me which is film and documentary/ movie production. I thank Deia for coming on this call and teaching us about The Story of Plastic!

I love participating in these calls. Chief Science Officers, I recommend that you join us when a theme piques your interest, because you learn things that you would never know if you don’t talk with a professional in that area. (This program is open to CSOs; learn more about joining the program here.)

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