CSO Danya is excited to learn about all aspects of science. In this Q&A, she shares her idea for helping all students learn more about different kinds of STEM careers.

What is the idea? My idea is to stay informed and keep our brains active on science, math, technology and engineering (STEM) while we are in quarantine. I think the most important thing while we have all this free time is to learn new things, so, why not speak with professionals about their work, and talk with others about our worries and doubts?

How did you have the idea? One of my friends had mentioned a program named “Skype a Scientist,” and I thought it was a useful idea! Now I’m planning something similar – online meetings with many scientists using Zoom.

For example, I wanted to let people know about how viruses mutate and gain resistance to many factors (like heat, cold, etc.). After thinking a bit I signed myself onto the Skype science platform to see if it would work out, and I got matched with a bee biologist. I was so excited; I called some of my friends that were interested – right now we have about 30 people joining!!! Plus I’m also interested in the brain and I love Minecraft, so a friend introduced me to a neuroscientist doing research on those things, and he is going to do a Zoom call with us! I’m talking to other scientists and hoping to set up more calls. 

When will it happen? We will be having live chats with scientists at different times depending on their schedules. My goal is to have them on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2pm GMT-6 (Arizona time); After April 20 we will only have chats on Saturdays at that time.

How to participate? Students, send me a message at and I will send you the link to the zoom meetings. We will absolutely let you join no matter the age range, and you can even ask questions!

Scientists, please also email Kelly@ChiefScienceOfficers and we’ll plan a call with you too. Students around the world want to learn from you!

What is the CSO Program? The Chief Science Officer program is an amazing platform where you can be a STEM leader in your community. It is so many things! It helps you to do things out of your comfort zone (like public speaking) and opens so many opportunities: you get to meet new people, make new friends, do amazing things in your community and make a change in your life and other people’s lives. The program gives you the tools and a slight push to make an influence. A big plus is that it is an international program so you chat with STEM PROFESSIONALS!, but the greatest thing is that you get a huge family of people that have so many different qualities but one same interest.

Why is the CSO Program meaningful to you? I am so happy as a CSO! After you come up with ideas and create an Action Plan for them to happen, your mentors help you; they do meetings with you and check up on you. It is just so exciting to see your plan coming together and having other people wanting to help in the process! I just want to make everyone proud and be able to succeed.

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