“Inspiration derives from a myriad of ways; culture, background, and experiences. Personally, the most prevalent of these has been my experiences as a Chief Science Officer this past year and now as an Alumni. Initially beginning my impactful journey as a CSO in June 2018, instantaneously I was immersed in a sense of purpose. Being a Chief Science Officer allows students of diverse backgrounds to unite and solve pressing issues throughout their community, state, and nation. Never before through high school was I able to grow so much leader and refine my strengths, but also present to the world that the CSO program inspires change. By being CSO-Inspired, monumental changes occurred not only throughout my community, but internationally as well. Within my community, the CSO program inspired others to understand the topic of STEM and recognize the importance that derives from it. Students of all different ages were able to participate in numerous hands-on learning projects and opportunities, creating a pipeline of inspiration to ripple into the future. Internationally, networking has been a vital part of the growth of the Chief Science Officers program, as I have been able to learn from CSOs in Kuwait and Mexico. By discussing the various issues occurring in communities all across the world, it has inspired me to bring some projects from their community to mine, but also inspired me to maintain a global-network. Now as a CSO Alumni, I am able to see the other side of the story. As new and returning CSOs are all struck with the same purpose that I had on my first day. By being able to aid the expansion of the state and global network at Oregon’s Leadership Training Institute this year, it allows me, as an Alumni, to help this year’s CSOs have the same revelations I had, producing a snowball-effect of inspiration.  The minds of our youth hold limitless amounts of creativity, determination, and potential. By being in a program that is a catalyst for growth, it truly shows how Chief Science Officers have and will continue to inspire. ”

-Oregon CSO Alumni Isabel

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