All my life I’ve wanted to do something important. I’ve wanted to have some kind of significant impact on others; some way to create beneficial change. I had frequently tried to do this as a younger student, but I never figured out how to in a profound way, that is until now.

By being elected as a Chief Science Officer, I feel that I finally have the opportunity to complete this goal, this passion of mine – to make an impact. Sure, being a part of clubs / organizations such as student council have allowed me to become more involved like I aspired to be but being a CSO takes it to a whole new level. Recently, I was selected to also serve on the Arizona CSO Leadership Council and this literally required the next level training.

I feel that I have only begun to discover the amount of potential our world’s youth can have, and of how much we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. The Level 2 training for Leadership Council at the University of Advancing Technology June 6th to 8th has given me the tools I need for making this big impact I dream of creating. I have now acquired some of life’s essential skills such as communication, collaboration, and utilizing a growth mindset. I have learned more about how diverse personalities can balance each other out, and still work in harmony.

After training, I have gotten an insight on how to be a productive, and effective leader that lets their peers learn from their mistakes. All of these skills, and many more, flourished from a mere 3 days at a local university. During this period of time, I’ve also felt like I’ve adapted more cooperation skills, and I’ve gotten to meet amazing people my age as well; the Leadership Council members are all amazing individuals that I look up to as respectable peers.

This isn’t it for me though. I’m not stopping here after newly obtaining more knowledge. If anything, this training I took marked a new start. The start of my lifelong journey to become associated with STEM while making worldwide change at the same time.

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