“I received the STEM sports kit free of charge via the Phoenix Suns. After the brief introduction at the Talking Stick Arena, I was given a kit. I presented the kit to my Chief Science Officer (CSO) at my school. CSOs are students who bring STEM to their schools. She jumped at the opportunity to bring the curriculum to the student at Villa De Paz Elementary School. We honed in to fourth grade students and had an overwhelming response. We accepted the first 10 applicants.  The curriculum is so much fun! The fourth grade students absolutely love it. They are practicing STEM without even knowing it!

I really wanted to share with you our experience because it has really made an impact with our students and with the 8th grade CSO who is running the program under my direction. ”


I would like to thank you and the Phoenix Suns for this opportunity. Words can not describe my gratitude. I look forward to offering this program to more students next year.

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