On July 19, 2018, members of EpiFinder’s business team, Jessica Acosta, Smita Gopalakrishnan, Jing He, and Joe Son, attended the CSO Expo Event at Arizona State University, where 70 middle and high school students gathered to explore their interest in STEM and network with professionals. These students are Chief Science Officers, or CSOs, who strive to promote science in their schools in engaging and meaningful ways. From local schools such as Horizon High School and Sonoran Science Academy, to schools in Mexico and Kuwait, students came from diverse backgrounds and possessed diverse interests.

Along with EpiFinder, a variety of companies and institutions such as Girls in Tech, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, and ASU Center for Education Through Exploration were also present to share information about their company. Our team was able to interact with the students by educating them briefly about seizures and epilepsy, showcasing our tool and methods in which we apply advanced technology to the healthcare industry, and discussing their interests with our company and STEM fields. It was interesting to hear how many students knew friends or family members who suffered from seizures and/or epilepsy and thought our tool could be beneficial for them. Most notably, our team was impressed by the professionalism and inquisitive nature of the students.
Our team was not only able to reach out to individual students, but also teachers, student-led clubs, and other companies who were interested in educational opportunities our company could provide to students within their organizations. Overall, this experience was an amazing opportunity to connect with a younger audience and encourage them to join STEM fields in their future.
“The CSO exhibit was invaluable to the world of technology and science,” Jessica remarked. “For instance, all of the people at EpiFinder were children at one point and were inspired to pursue a career in science and technology. These students are potentially the future of helping those diagnosed with epilepsy. I believe I speak for everyone when I say EpiFinder is grateful we had this opportunity to participate in this event.”
We sincerely thank Arizona Commerce Authority and Arizona Technology Council Foundation for sponsoring the CSO Expo Event and giving us the chance to share our story with inspiring young students!

Retrieved From: Gopalakrishnan, Smita. Epifinder.com, www.epifinder.com/cso-expo-event/.

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