My name is Madelyn, and I am a sophomore at Freeland High School. I applied to be a Chief Science Officer during the spring of my 9th grade year. My principal informed me that I had received the position, and I was thrilled to learn more about promoting STEM at my school. I am a CSO, because I believe in the importance of encouraging my peers to pursue careers with a high growth rate. It is essential to provide opportunities for students to learn more about becoming a professional in STEM. I see so much potential in my peers, but a lack of understanding of the extensive possibilities with STEM. At Freeland High School, the other CSO and myself organized a STEM Teen Night. We invited professionals from the medical and engineering fields to come and speak to interested high school students. Afterward, the students who attended could go and speak to the professionals to ask more in-depth questions and to start the conversation about the path to attaining a successful future. Soon, we plan on either organizing a field trip to a hospital for students to shadow numerous careers in the medical field or assisting the CSOs of Freeland Middle School in planning a school-wide “Rube Goldberg Contest”. With the latter, students would sign up construct contraptions that follow Rube Goldberg’s method of the “domino effect”. In conclusion, I believe that is important because it will never become negligible. There will always be a need for advances in the technology industry and in the field of protecting everyone’s health. A career in STEM is not only fun, but it is a functional tool in an individual’s future workplace.

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