Meet Chief Science Officer Hayden from Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona

I am a junior at Paradise Valley High School, CREST in the Paradise Valley School District. As a first year CSO,  I hope to grow and nurture a healthy and prospering STEM/STEAM in my community and  my school district. Health and fitness is also very important to me. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes in the summer of 2012 and since that time I have become very involved with the American Diabetes Association as a Youth Ambassador.

I really enjoy helping others with this disease to understand that they are still able to do everything they want to do in life and that they are not alone.  Not many people know that I race competitively for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association and The Mountain Bike Association of Arizona! My experience at the CSO Biodesign event helped fuel my desire to be a passionate leader.

Hayden from Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona.

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