Meet Chief Science Officer Angie from Alhambra High School in Phoenix, Arizona

I am a senior at Alhambra High School in the Phoenix Union High School District. As a second year CSO, I want to spread an infectious passion about STEM to students nationally because changes in innovation and technology begin with passionate people. Most students aren’t exposed to any exciting and passionate for STEM people, which is why the STEM field isn’t well advocated for and is under the radar.

I would like to begin these changes in innovation and technology by providing real life examples of the integration between the STEM field and a wide range of professions to students in the nation so that students may link their passions with STEM. This will show how important students are to the world and this generation’s future. It is extremely important that students know their significance in shaping this generation’s innovation and technology. In November, I was invited with select CSOs to a discussion on Water Quality with Governor Doug Ducey. With the help of my coach, Nancy Welch, Vice President, Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, I was able to share my personal beliefs about water health and conservation in Arizona.

Meet CSO Angie from Alhambra High School in Phoenix, Arizona.

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