Arizona SciTech Chief Science Officers (CSOs) from across the state spent the day at the Arizona State Capitol for the
program’s first annual CSO Capitol Summit. Hosted by the AZ Governor’s Office of Education, this unique event afforded
CSOs the opportunity to experience local government in action! The day was energy filled and CSOs enjoyed working in teams
at such a prestigious location. Over 190 CSOs convened as a collective cabinet, collaborated with experts in the legislative
process to learn how to advocate for their passions, and put ideas into action by making a pitch to Governor Doug Ducey. “It
was a fun experience and seeing how a bill becomes law was pretty cool.” CSO Devin at Holbrook High

The Summit started with a welcome from Governor’s Office of Education followed by legislative overview panel with Arizona
State Rep Heather Carter, Flinn Foundation’s Nancy Welch, Congressman Grijalva’s Office, Jennifer Papworth and AZ
Technology Council’s Dianne McAllister. Then CSOs created teams and convened to create the following topics:

STEM Education
-We want to make STEM education better in Arizona by incorporating field trips through industry partnerships according to lesson plans!
-We can make STEM education better in Arizona by creating an idea sharing platform for schools!

Environment and Lifestyle
-We want to make Arizona better by encouraging homeowners to practice xeriscape and covering their pools!
-We want to make life better in Arizona by reducing poverty by personalizing and creating more educational opportunities!

Social and Human Issues
-We want to make life better in Arizona by improving personal safety in our communities!

Student Voice in Government
-We want to make Arizona Education better by getting student voices heard:

Student Board of Education!
-“Viral Voices” in STEM! With the help of their CSO facilitators, Jedi mentors, and legislative coaches and teachers CSOs went through three sessions prior to pitching their ideas to Governor Doug Ducey…. click here to read the complete briefing.

Event Pictures:

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Event Video:

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