CSO added to the AZ Science Center Women and Girls in STEM!

/CSO added to the AZ Science Center Women and Girls in STEM!
CSO added to the AZ Science Center Women and Girls in STEM!
“I want women and girls to know that STEM fields are open to anyone and everyone. If you need someone to tell you that you can be extraordinary in a STEM profession, I’m telling you right now!”
CSO Dana from Sandra Day O’Conner High School

Join CSO Dana and other female STEM leader panelists at the AZ Science Center on Sept 27th.
Come hear her story: “As a young girl, I simply enjoyed playing with objects and machines and I admired the mysteries of nature including the seasons changing, how things are alive or even what causes a rainbow.
I liked to read and I can still remember having my dad teach me how to pronounce “photosynthesis” in elementary school. But even then, I didn’t know I had a true passion for STEM until I took a moment to realize I was always looking to learn more about the world around me.
In high school, desire to bring more STEM opportunities to my school and attempted to start a Science National Honor Society. However, I was lead away from this idea. But because I had taken the initiative to start something, the administration and teachers sent a new and (in my opinion) better opportunity my way; I was presented with the chance to become a Chief Science Officer. Other programs I am involved are: Million Women Mentorship Summit, starting my STEM club, Society of STEM Innovators, organized the STEM Conference of May 2017, and Arizona Science Center’s Teen Advisory Board. As a Committee Lead, I worked with other teens on the board and learned how to communicate better with businesses as well as other people in general. Interactions with public relations and marketing experts brought the opportunity to promote the Teen Science Socials on live TV at Fox10, ABC15, and NBC. The real-world experience of budgeting, organizing, working in teams, interacting with authority, and persevering through hours of planning is invaluable! The freedom and the responsibility that comes with it has taught me so much, which I hope to bring forth in my endeavors as a CSO planning events for my school and community.

“As Chief Science Officer, we don’t just learn the technical concepts within STEM, but also lifelong skills that can be applied to any field of life: how to communicate and network with others.”

“I have never felt I didn’t belong in STEM because I am a woman. A person should only feel they don’t belong in STEM if their heart isn’t in it, but only after getting enough exposure to STEM. Exposure is key to know where your passions lie.”