One Verde Valley CSO’s Path to Becoming a Biomedical Engineer

My name is Mica and I am a Chief Science Officer at the Science Vortex in Verde Valley, AZ. I am 14 years old and about to take Sports Medicine at my high school. This will help set me up for my dream career of being a biomedical engineer. In the eighth grade, I went […]

Chief Science Officers Leading a Global Initiative for Climate Action

As the world grapples with the growing challenges of climate change, Chief Science Officers (CSOs) are emerging as youthful beacons of hope, leading initiatives that inspire change. CSO Daylia was invited to create a post on Climate Action for the 2023 American Geophysical Union Conference. She teamed up with other CSOs from around the world […]

STEAM Hobbies: Turning Fun Into Future Careers!

My name is Sarah, Chief Science Officer (CSO) from Tucson, AZ. This is my fourth year in the program, and I am a member of the International Leadership Council. As a CSO, I have had many opportunities to travel across the state and country, including trainings and conferences. While these responsibilities keep me quite busy, […]

Chief Science Officers in the Great Lakes Bay Region Take the Lead

By CSO Christy C. –  Michigan  The youth in the Great Lakes Bay Region (GLBR) don’t just wait around hoping someone comes along to put on STEM-focused events and impact their community in unique, innovative ways; instead, they’re taking matters into their own hands in the most positive ways possible. The Chief Science Officers (CSO) […]

Education for Enlightenment

SCLP Samaj School is a reputable leading private school devoted to excellence in Nairobi, Kenya. 28 Chief Science Officers have trained to serve as STEM ambassadors for the students on campus. SCLP Samaj School, established in 1994, is an institution that prepares young children to excel academically. We take pride in our exceptional teaching staff […]

CSO Stats

720 CSOs AZ: 360 (Q2: 289) (155 schools) GA: 22 (Q2: 19) (~9 schools) MI: 62 (Q2: 49) (~27 schools) OR: 76 (steady) (~33 schools) Delaware: 1 – (New Cohort) (1 school) Texas: 35 – (New Cohort) (15 schools) Kuwait: 150 (steady) (~30 schools) Sonora, Mexico: 14 (steady) (~3 schools) Number and percentage of underserved, […]

1st CSO International Math Festival

The first-ever CSO Math Festival was held online on July 20, 2020. This virtual mathematics festival had over 130 participants log on for the three-hour event! Based on that success, it will certainly become an annual tradition. As a Chief Science Officer event, of course it was planned by a student, CSO Sahiba. She attends […]

Mesa CSO in the 2020 NASA Wear Challenge!

Introduction Hello! My name is CSO Marcus and I am an elected 5th year Chief Science Officer from Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona. On July 13th, I had the privilege to be interviewed by Arizona’s Family on Channel 3 News to showcase my team’s project for the 2020 NASA WEAR Challenge. The challenge, […]

#CaptureSTEM Panel

Chief Science Officers (CSOs) are not just encouraged to have big ideas, they’re told to put in the action steps to make those ideas happen. A spark from CSO Danya, an eighth grade CSO in Mexico, led to the creation of an online learning series that has drawn the involvement of students around the world […]

Iraj – A ‘COVID Warrior’ – helping, fundraising – using STEM

Fifth Grader Uses His STEM Skills to Raise Money for COVID-19 Help Iraj is a fifth grader who is not afraid to tackle a big problem and do his part to solve it. He was concerned with the way that COVID-19 was affecting the world, and he wanted to raise money to help. Iraj came […]