Chief Science Officers Program – Regional Conversations

For more incredible podcasts visit Business RadioX .   The mission of the SciTech Institute is focused on cultivating an ecosystem of conscious STEM communities through awareness, connections and empowerment. The SciTech Institute is dedicated to promoting and enhancing STEM engagements for everyone in the community by developing and implementing programs, fairs, bowls, projects and festivals that highlight […]

PODCAST: Chief Science Officers on Phoenix Business Radio X

We thank Karen Nowicki and the Phoenix Business Radio X team for hosting a two-part podcast on the Chief Science Officer program. The first podcast features the following STEM professionals: SciTech Institute Executive Director Jeremy Babendure Stephanie Schwab, STEM Program Administrator for Montgomery County Intermediate Unit and a member of the PA STEM Experience for […]

STEM Opportunity for 12th grade students!

The Regeneron Science Talent Search 2019 application is now open! High school seniors across the United States are invited to share their original research projects and apply to the nation’s oldest and most prestigious STEM competition, where they could win up to $250,000. The top 300 scholars receive $2,000 each, and their schools also receive […]

Family Engagement: Taking it to the Next Level

“How can organizations integrate parent education into their STEM programs? With support, parents can learn to engage in positive interactions that spark and maintain their child’s interest in STEM. In this case study, Drs. Kekelis and Sammet highlight the Greene Scholars Program and Digital Youth Divas—two programs that are exemplary in their approach to empowering parents […]

CSOs Head to Washington DC

The Chief Science Officers (CSO) are elected students with the goal to work with schools to help implement STEM on-campus plans and advocate for their peers. A group of CSO’s from Phoenix Union took their advocacy to the national level this past week presenting at the Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers conference (ITEST) […]

Enter the Nation’s First Student Chief Science Officers

Students vote for one of their peers to become a STEM advocate in their school. These Chief Science Officers select and promote STEM programming, connect with STEM organizations to bring STEM programming to their communities, or participate in local and state conversations on education and the workforce. Hard. Boring. Uncool. How many times have students […]