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The Chief Science Officer Program is evolving into a national network. We welcome inquiries from organizations/individuals interested in implementing the CSO program in their home state.

  • Regions/states that implement a CSO program derive intermediate & long-term economic benefits by nurturing a next generation workforce with 21st century skills.
  • Local schools & businesses benefit from the partnerships fostered by the CSO program. Students serve as a STEM ambassador on and off campus.
  • Schools increase their student body’s exposure to STEM
  • Schools raise the STEM profile of the school regionally and nationally.
  • Regional STEM organizations benefit from increased student engagement in STEM workshops, networking events and conferences.
  • The CSO Program fosters increased connection with STEM in the community: CSOs serve as their schools’ point of contact, so that science-based organizations can connect with schools. CSOs host these organizations when they visit schools.
  • CSOs’ participation in national and regional cabinet meetings helps raise the STEM profile of their state/city/school nationally and regionally.


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Welcome! The Chief Science Officer (CSO) Program is evolving into a national network. National & regional sponsorship opportunities are available.

  • Sponsors are critical to the program success. Sponsor Benefits are determined by the financial contributions to the program.
  • Sponsor companies benefit by having a direct stake in future workforce development as well as visibility from their association with the program.


Are there CSO schools in your area? Take a look at our Program Reach.

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Jedi Mentors Join Us

The Chief Science Officer (CSO) Program is evolving into a national network. We invite qualified individuals to mentor the student Chief Science Officers and contribute to future workforce development.

  • We are actively seeking community leaders and professionals for student interactions and STEM educational opportunities. This is not your average mentorship – we are looking for JEDI level mentors to get involved and help cultivate young minds!
  • A vital component of the CSO concept is for CSOs to meaningfully interface with the community. To this end, we are asking local community and business leaders to directly interface with the CSOs in their ambassador role. JEDI Mentors possess these skills: Coach – Role Model – Motivator – Patient – Values kids -Good Listener – Fun Person! Time commitment: it varies and will align to your schedule. Depends on the level of engagement; average is 2-3 hours a month during the school year.

Ways to Engage:

  • At school –partner with CSOs to help them implement their on-campus action plans, navigate the adult bureaucracy and express their voice in the community.
  • At Institute – lead a session, or interface with CSOs while they rotate through their training sessions.
  • At your location-host a regional cabinet meeting at your site -provide a unique experience for CSOs and open your doors to see STEM in action!


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