The CSO Program

Advocates for STEM and innovation in their local communities, states and countries.

The CSO Program Vision and Goals.

Chief Science Officers are destined to…

  • Create a global network of diverse STEM leaders.
  • Foster communication and collaboration among CSOs.
  • Enrich STEM culture and career awareness.
  • Amplify student voice in STEM conversations in the community.

What is a CSO?

CSOs are students in grades 6-12 who serve as STEM ambassadors and a liaison for STEM opportunities in their communities.

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Who can be a Mentor?

CSO Mentors are community leaders and professionals who serve as role models for STEM engagements.

The Student’s Voice:

Every CSO gets to experience:

Leadership Training Institute: teaches Program Goals, networking, leadership development, verbal and written communication, and team building.

Cabinet Meetings and Community Events: guides collaboration with business and civic leaders to address community challenges, improve communication and confidence, and share common experiences.

Mentorship: training opportunities with STEM Professionals – vetted regional leaders who help CSOs implement their ideas on campus and amplify their voice in the community.

CSOs Impact Their Communities!

CSO International Leadership Team

Dr. Jeremy Babendure
Kelly Greene
Jake Lounsbury
Kaci Fankhauser

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