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As the first region of CSOs, our goal is to increase student voice in STEM conversations and create a global network of diverse STEM leaders.
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Inspired during a conference in Boston, Delaware CSO Moira connected with CSO International to bring the program to her state!
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The CSO Program has already made an impact on our communities and will enhance student voice in the conversations of STEM.
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The Georgia Chief Science Officers (CSO) initiative will cultivate a cadre of diverse student leaders in middle and high schools.
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After being invited to train in Arizona, Kenya CSOs are motivated to expand the opportunities in STEM to all students in Nairobi and beyond!
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Kuwait CSOs continue to excel in the program through developing community Action Plans that are making a dynamic impact!
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Chief Science Officers are the key in increasing interest in STEM careers among K-12 students.
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New York

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are excellent ways to connect all learners.
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Across the state with the support of STEM Ecosystem Hubs, Oregon CSOs from rural areas to remote areas are making a difference in the lives of others
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Placing students at the table and amplifying their voice will continue to move important education and STEM conversations to action!
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Sonora, Mexico

Creemos que el programa de CSO puede mejorar la voz de los estudiantes en la conversación de STEM e innovación.
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Together, CSOs and STEM Professionals can provide pathways for all students to discover a love for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
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CSOs are making an impact!

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