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Citizen Science Day


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April 19, 2019 - April 19, 2019
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The Citizen Science Association, with support from SciStarter, is pleased to promote – and inspire sites to host – events in celebration of Citizen Science Day. Citizen Science Day is an annual event to celebrate and promote all things citizen science: amazing discoveries, incredible volunteers, hardworking practitioners, inspiring projects, and anything else citizen science-related!


Citizen Science Day event ideas and resources:

There are endless possibilities for doing something that celebrates and promotes citizen science on Citizen Science Day! From showing videos about citizen science to holding a discussion group about a recent citizen science journal article to hosting a data-gathering event for a citizen science project, see the list below for ideas, resources, and examples you can use to do something fun and educational for Citizen Science Day!

In-person events  |  Online events

In-person events:

Online events:

  • Host an online chat or Q&A about a specific project or citizen science in general on a social media platform, like:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Hangouts
    • Zooniverse or other talk boards
    • Periscope
    • Slack
  • Update Wikipedia pages via an edit-a-thon
  • Host a citizen science book or journal article discussion online: see the list in the in-person events and combine it with an online chat!