Messages from CSO International

CSO International monthly messages, suggestions and a call to action.

August CSO Challenge Theme – TAKE FLIGHT!

Share your dreams, flights, travel and more on social this month.



Create a GLIDER!

Record a video of you, a friend or family member making a glider. Then, capture a video or photos of the glider in flight.

Record your project in video, sketches or photos!

Share the longest length of time your glider is able to stay in the air.

Provide any tips or tricks to making a glider.


Share your glider creations with us on social especially on:

August 19th – National Aviation Day!


@cso_international  #ChiefScienceOfficers  #TakeFlight  #globalnetwork

Monthly – CSO Office Hours:

3rd Saturday of each month

9 a.m. PST


CSO International – with breakouts – 9 a.m. Saturday (3rd Saturday of month)
Regional Presentations, Program Updates and CSO of the Month!


Call Topics & Themes:
September – Action Plan Ideas/Approval Strategy
October – Cabinet Meeting Prep
November – Thank you messages and ideas
December – have a great break message
January – welcome back – Action Plan Update
February – Action Plan – MUST CHECK
March – Earth Day Prep
April – Elections & EoY Video
May – End of Year Celebration

Zoom in on Science CSO International STEM PANEL

Timeline CSO FORMS:

July 31st – CSO Training ALL – ROUND 3

August 15th – Leadership Training Institute PART 1

Registration and Google Login 

September – Initial Action Plan Idea and AFTER TRAINING SURVEY

October – Fall Cabinet Meeting Report

November – Approved Action Plan Form

January – check again Action Plans

February – Spring Cabinet Meeting Report

March – Action Plan Reflection Form (Additional Action Plan Forms)


May – Certificates


Challenge Activities

July – Keep Cool, Make Ice Cream

August – Back to School- Aviation – Taking Flight into School
Build something that flies – paper airplanes, rotar, straw rocket, bottle rocket

September – STEM month – STEM Summit – Aerospace/Pollution Prevention
Showcase your favorite letter of STEM

October – Advanced Manufacturing- Metric Day/Earth Science/
Make a structure that would survive a natural disaster – flood, tornado, hurricane

November – 8th is National STEM Day/Recycling
Recycled Art

December – Computer Science Education
Build a game in Scratch
Hour of Code

January – Festival Launch (Birds and Static electricity/nano)
Create a BIRD feeder – Kid Inventor’s Day – January 17th NIHF

February – Sustainability/Engineering Week
Feb 21 Nat’l Engineering Day
Wind Turbine, Solar Oven,

March – Pi Day, Ground Water, World Water Day
Water Filter

April– Astronomy/Earth Day/Robotics Day
Citizen Science – Find a star, new planet

May – Heading into Summer- Physical Fitness and Sports Month, May the 4th be with you
Lesson with STEM Sports