Messages from CSO International

CSO International monthly messages, suggestions and a call to action.

Monthly Office Hours:

CSO International – with breakouts – 9 a.m. Saturday (3rd Saturday of month)
Agenda with CSO questions to weigh in on 15 minutes
Breakouts for 30
Action Plan
Main room last 15


September – Action Plan Ideas/Approval Strategy
October – Cabinet Meeting Prep
November – Thank you messages and ideas
December – have a great break message
January – welcome back – Action Plan Update
February – Action Plan – MUST CHECK
March – Earth Day Prep
April – Elections & EoY Video
May – End of Year Celebration

Zoom in on Science CSO International STEM PANEL


Timeline FORMS:

July 17th – CSO Virtual Training ALL – ROUND 1
– CSO 101
Presentation by Current
– Google Breakouts
New (login)
Return (how to use)
Main Room



July 24th – CSO Training ALL – ROUND 2


July 31st – CSO Training ALL – ROUND 3


August 15th – Leadership Training Institute Support

Registration and Google Login and PRE TRAINING SURVEY

September – Initial Action Plan Idea and AFTER TRAINING SURVEY

October – Fall Cabinet Meeting Report
November – Approved Action Plan Form
January – check again Action Plans
February – Spring Cabinet Meeting Report
March – Action Plan Reflection Form (Additional Action Plan Forms)
May – Certificates


Challenge Activities
June – Capture STEM, video and picture (ocean and environmental day)
Take photos, make movies, capture STEM. 


June 24th – Slices & STEM – Pizza Box Challenge

July – Keep Cool, Make Ice Cream


August – Back to School- Aviation – Taking Flight into School
Build something that flies – paper airplanes, rotar, straw rocket, bottle rocket


September – STEM month – STEM Summit – Aerospace/Pollution Prevention
Showcase your favorite letter of STEM


October – Advanced Manufacturing- Metric Day/Earth Science/
Make a structure that would survive a natural disaster – flood, tornado, hurricane


November – 8th is National STEM Day/Recycling
Recycled Art


December – Computer Science Education
Build a game in Scratch
Hour of Code


January – Festival Launch (Birds and Static electricity/nano)
Create a BIRD feeder – Kid Inventor’s Day – January 17th NIHF


February – Sustainability/Engineering Week
Feb 21 Nat’l Engineering Day
Wind Turbine, Solar Oven,


March – Pi Day, Ground Water, World Water Day
Water Filter

April– Astronomy/Earth Day/Robotics Day
Citizen Science – Find a star, new planet

May – Heading into Summer- Physical Fitness and Sports Month, May the 4th be with you
Lesson with STEM Sports