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Sonoran Foothills School K-8
Vision Statement:
I am an elected Chief Science Officer at Sonoran Foothills. I am also a violinist and a dancer. As a Chief Science Officer I want to encourage students to be involved in stem education and develop an interest for it.
Future Plans:

There are so many options of what do in my future I haven’t decided yet. I only now that my future will include science.


I love dancing of any kind- jazz, ballet,tap, lyrical, contemporary, modern, and even hip hop. I don’t now how to explain why like it so much though, but I can try. When I dance I just get this feeling, witch I can’t really explain. But one things for sure, I’m never going to stop dancing. I am also a violin player. I love music, especially making music. Even when I play a song that someone else has written I can make that song all my own when I play it. And of course, last but not least, science. I’m sure this is no surprise sense I am a Chief Science Officer, but I love science. It is always been my favorite subject at school because it is so mysterious. There will always still be things to explore and things to discover, and I like that. It means there will be new opportunities in the future.

Why am I a CSO?:
Personal Quote:

Stand up for what is right even if your standing alone.