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Verrado Middle
Representing my peers. That is what inspires me as a leader. I value voicing others’ ideas in order to enable them to become heard. Not only does signifying others’ ideas inspire me to lead, but so does the desire to improve. The need to change for the better as an individual, community, and… world. These factors empower me to stand up amidst a crowd and become a leader.
Favorite Letter in STEM and why:
Stem, an abbreviation to four of the main aspects of our evolving society. Out of the four profound words signified in this abbreviation, my favorite is engineering – which is very closely related to technology. I find it astounding how humanity has developed a method to overcome every day problems by using their abilities to think, create, and build; utilizing technology the majority of the time. Situational thinking is shaping our world today as we know it, and will shape our world… in our future.
Future Career Goal/Pathway:
A career I would like to have in my adulthood would be one as an engineer. The exact type, I am unaware of, but one that currently calls out to me is a biomedical one. I love how they use critical thinking and how they build with technology in their job, like basically any other type of engineer. Something unique about this type of engineering though is that it is associated with the medical field. Not only do biomedical engineers benefit themselves by acquiring new knowledge and exercising their minds daily, but they also help others. And that’s something I hope to do within my lifetime: help others to have some meaningful purpose.