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Sophia – Arizona


Chandler High School

Many things throughout my life have inspired me to be a leader. I am most inspired by adults and my peers. Seeing others achieving great things makes me want to achieve great things myself. All in all, my environment and the people I am surrounded by are very impactful on my desire to lead. Being able to connect a group or groups of people together to achieve the goals we set and being at the center of it all is always a wonderful experience. Overall, having leadership opportunities, especially in the CSO program, allows me to meet other amazing people who are working to achieve the same goals as well as having common interests.

Favorite Letter in STEM and why:

My favorite letter of STEM is engineering because there is so much effort that goes into making objects we see and use on a daily basis. It interests me how such simple everyday objects have had so much thought put into them based on how they are made as well as how they work.

Future Career Goal/Pathway:

A future career goal I would like to pursue is teaching. I believe that teaching is a very important job, and what/how children are being taught can change their outlooks, opportunities, and their futures. Being a part of a child’s academic journey, especially at young ages, is definitely something I have always been interested in.