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McClintock High School
I have always been that person who naturally assumes the role of a leader in any group. However, since joining the CSO program, I have become a much better leader in the sense that I know consider everybody’s wants and needs and use those to reach the optimal solution. Reaching that solution is what inspires me to lead.
Favorite Letter in STEM and why:
My favorite letter of STEM is the M, as math is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and I love that it can be used to solve many different things. It also plays a key role in Science, Technology, and Engineering.
Future Career Goal/Pathway:

Astrophysicist- I have always been deeply fascinated and interested by space and the idea that we have so much left to discover in our universe. Visiting NASA headquarters in DC and hearing astrophysicists there talk about their work only heightened my desire to go into that field. I also wish to bring an uncommon female perspective to the table and erase the idea that scientists are horrible at communicating their work to the youth in an effective way.

Politician/ Political Scientist- Being a leader in my school and community has always been a prime interest of mine, and I have held many leadership positions in Student Government and other programs. I also wish to implement my opinions and ideas on issues our nation is currently facing and have realized that being in politics would give me the ability to do so.