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Canyon View High School
Vision Statement:
As a fourth year Chief Science Officer, I know that there are many exciting STEM opportunities available for students, and that STEM careers are being created at a rapid pace due to innovation in STEM. My goal as a CSO is to get students excited about STEM by making sure they know about the many STEM events taking place all across Arizona and to bridge the gap between STEM businesses and middle/high school students.
Future Plans:
As a Chief Science Officer, I plan to continue and expand my idea “National Technology Field Trip Day” to impact as many students as possible.
Ultimately I plan to become a professor in mechanical engineering.
Through the Chief Science Officer program I have:
Spoken to many state representatives and members of the Office of Science and Technology Policy about my views on STEM, in Washington D.C. (Spring 2016)
I was invited to the White House to meet with John Holdren (The assistant to the president for Science and Technology), France Cordova (Director of the NSF), Astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly, Charles Bolden (Director of NASA), and (then) President Barack Obama. (Fall 2016)
Shared my views on STEM with Governor Doug Ducey during a CSO cabinet meeting and again as part of the Leadership Training Institute. (Fall 2016 and Fall 2017)
Organized and implemented “National Technology Field Trip Day”, originally pitched at the White House, where students learn about career choices by taking field trips to STEM organizations. (Winter-Spring 2016-current)
Robotics: Through the designing, building, programming and competing with robots, I hope to gain experience that is valued in the workforce.
Public Speaking: I enjoy being invited to speak on behalf of various organizations because it gives me real-world experience and the opportunity to create more partnerships.
Why am I a CSO?:

I became a Chief Science Officer because I want to bridge the gap between the business community and the student community, in an effort to help students create lifelong partnerships and devise career goals that will impact their lives.

Personal Quote: