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Marissa – International


AAEC - Estrella Mountain

As a leader I am inspired when I see the change in individuals when they work together as a team. The moment when individuals recognize their self growth and feel empowered to make a change is magical. Part of the realization is working with others. I believe that people change people and when someone is surrounded by others, those who strive for growth, it rubs off on everyone. Seeing a team come together in a dynamic that is powerful and passionate is truly inspiring.

Favorite Letter in STEM and why:

My favorite letter of STEM is S ( science). I feel that science is truly an area that it filled with those who are driven to learn. Though I strongly believe that all aspects of STEM are integrated, science is where I feel I identify with best.

Future Career Goal/Pathway:

As of right now my pathway seems to be heading towards medicine. If that is a doctor, a researcher, or somewhere in management I did not know. But my ultimate goal is to change and impact lives for the better.

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