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Austin – Pennsylvania


Pennridge High School
I find inspiration in a handful of ways: Nature, physics, music, the sight to become better, and to be the best. Nature is pure and naturally beautiful, which inspires questions and comfort within me. Physics inspires me to one day make a large discovery and contribute to solving the puzzle of life and our universe. I love music and it inspires me to play more, recreate more, and create more (mostly electric guitar)! The drive to be the best within me is very motivating and inspiring, and pushes me to try my best at everything I do, because I love to win, and won’t take failure for an answer.
Favorite Letter in STEM and why:
S – Science explains to us how and why things in our world work. Yes, mathematics is at the core of everything, but science interprets and exposes those mathematical jigsaw pieces. Science, physics in particular, has always fascinated me and caused me to seek answers to my questions about our universe and life.
Future Career Goal/Pathway:
Quantum/Theoretical Physics

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