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Desert Vista High School

My peers have been the main inspiration to me throughout my life. Many of my friends and teachers are exceptional examples of our individual ability to change the world through leadership. Their actions have dramatically transformed individual lives, including mine. As I witness their success, they inspire me to set higher standards for myself, work harder and dream bigger.

Favorite Letter in STEM and why:

My favorite letter of STEM is S because science is such an incredibly vast field. There are so many diverse disciplines within science that have dramatically different characteristics and applications. There truly is something for everybody in the area of science!

Future Career Goal/Pathway:

While I am still undecided about the specifics of my future career, I have several pathways in mind. I find the field of medicine interesting because of its ability to heal the human body and prevent death. Other careers which I am interested in include computer programming, forensic medicine, political science, law, and biotechnology.