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Andrew – Georgia


Tucker High school

As a leader I am inspired by the success of my peers in areas across STEM. Throughout high school i have been an active participant in Technology Student Association (TSA) and VEX robotics. Being on these teams has given me an opportunity to watch my peers succeed through hard work and dedication to activities and competitions they love.

Favorite Letter in STEM and why:

My favorite letter of STEM is the E for engineering. As a kid I always loved to build and design things and thanks to VEX and TSA I have had the opportunity to further these interests on a more advanced scale. This love for building led me and my VEX team to win the Georgia State competition and win the Engineering division finals at the world competition qualifying us as one of the 12 teams in the world to move on to the round robin.

Future Career Goal/Pathway:

I aspire to become a mechanical engineer and to help design the sustainable methods of transportation for the future.

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