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Ashley – Heard Elementary School

My most inspirational teacher is Mrs.Kuger because she always found new and exciting ways to learn. Some ways would be making trivia games after a lesson it really helped get information to stay.

Emma – Legend Springs Elementary School

My most inspirational teacher is Mrs. Craig, my fifth grade teacher. She was really inspirational because she was always encouraging us to work harder. She also made learning a lot of fun.

Jackson – Desert Edge High School

My most inspirational teacher was my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Szabo, who taught me that I could do anything. She showed all of her students that they could reach their peak and then some. She [...]

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Quotes from Leaders and Mentors

CSOs helped to educate me by sharing their thoughts on STEM education and workforce barriers. I took this information back to Washington and am honored to help make student voice become part of the policy making process.
Congressman Grijalva
The CSO program in an innovative, Arizona grown model that we anticipate will transform the STEM climate. We are proud to be leading the path in producing the nation’s diverse civic STEM leaders.
Doug Ducey, Governor
You are the founders of the Chief Science Officer movement.
Megan Smith, White House Chief Technology Officer

CSO Testimonials

I enjoyed meeting the Congressman and seeing the other CSOs. I had the opportunity to talk about many subjects with my fellow CSOs. Mr. Grijalva politely listened to solutions and problems.
CSO Ashley
Our family values the CSO program as it is an important enhancement to our son’s education. It has helped him to meet like-minded friends while creating an outlet for his STEM ideas and inventions.