Mazama HS
12th Grade

Vision Statement

I envision my local community, within one or two decades, having thriving technology and engineering industries, retaining many of the students which come to attend the local Oregon Institute of Technology in order to study these fields.

Future Plans

After graduating high school as Valedictorian, I plan to attend the Oregon Institute of Technology and Klamath Community College simultaneously to earn a five year dual degree in Software Engineering and Embedded Systems Engineering. From there, I want to stay in my home town and work for a larger company as a software engineer, and in my private time work to start my own business with a group of friends in similar fields.



I have passions in a multitude of areas. Most prominently, I love to work with technology, which is why I am working to become a software engineer. I also enjoy business, jazz, mathematics, and language in particular.

Why Am I a CSO?

I am a CSO because I believe that students should have the opportunity to learn computer, technical, and trade skills in high school, and then continually improve upon these skills in a trade school, without the necessity of university education. I am a CSO so that I can be a voice for my school in my community, and my community in the world, to bring students these opportunities.
""Workin' on it." "