Gibson Southern High School
9th Grade

Vision Statement

My name is Caleb and I am an elected Chief Science Officer at Gibson Southern High School. As a CSO I want to stir up passion and enthusiasm for science in the community. I feel that spreading science awareness is one of the most important things we can do. Science is the very thing that keeps us humans alive and living well. It is how we feed all the people on the Earth everyday! I am going to start in my small town community by getting them excited about science. We do not focus on it near enough. As the world is changing, so do we and science is how we change and innovate the world.  

Future Plans

While finishing high school I want to further induce STEM programs into my community. After high school, I plan to attend the University of Southern Indiana. I want to go into the education program and plan to teach some kind of Biology. 



I love teaching others. Interaction and connecting to others is something I love to do. Watching and learning about animals and plants really peeks my interest. I love seeing how they change and interact with their environment

Why Am I a CSO?

I feel I can really connect to students. Science is so important to me. I feel science is important to humans maintaining life. Our community has a shortage of science in it and I feel I need to stir it up.
""The world is changing everyday, and we need to also. That is the very beauty of science." "