Arizona Virtual Academy
11th Grade

Vision Statement

As a CSO I want to show others that our dreams can become reality.  Our dreams can make an impact on what is around us, as well as those who are around us. I hope to show my fellow students and peers what STEM is about and how it can influence our dreams. Not only how it can influences our dreams, but how it can also turn those dreams into real functioning ideas.

Future Plans

I would like to work in animation, digital character design, gaming design, as well coding and computer processing.



I have a passion for drawing as well as character design. Character design allows me to develop unique original characters that can be used in future animations, as well as my portfolio. Other passions I have are involved with chemistries chemical composition and physical composition, coding, computer software design, and game developing.

Why Am I a CSO?

I believe that this program will influence others, as well as show them how STEM programs and topics can further our overall experience and impact our future.
" Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Allow yourself to make an impact that will push boundaries and better the future. "